IT is Goiás


Aline Figlioli ist Leiterin der Abteilung Innovation des Ministerium für Wissenschaft und Technologie in Goiás. Das Bundesland Goiás gilt als Hochburg für IT-Unternehmen in Brasilien und steckt voller Möglichkeiten für ausländische Investoren. Weshalb sich Goiás als Investitionsstandort eignet, weiß Aline Figlioli:

"Why Goiás is a good place to invest:

Technology based companies will find a smooth airstrip to land in Goiás. Beyond tax breaks, great logistics in Brazil (dry port, cargo airport, north-south railway), the State Science and Technology Secretariat promotes the professional education according to the demands of companies, promotes the Technology Park program, and the Cluster support (including IT and pharma industry).

In Goiania, the state capital, Aparecida de Goiania and Anapolis you can find a IT cluster, that has more than 800 companies, and in Anapolis there is the Pharmaceutical pole, the 2nd largest in Brazil. This show that the state has technology capacities and a qualified work force to receive technology based companies.

 Come to the heart of Brazil!"