The sixth largest IT company in the world comes from Brazil

TOTVS gehört in Lateinamerika zu den renommierten Unternehmen für Softwarelösungen und konnte sich auch weltweit im Software-Segment etablieren. Ein breites Sprektrum an technologiebasierten Lösungen bietet TOTVS hauptsächlich mittelständischen Unternehmen an. Seit 1983 am Markt hat das Unternehmen in Brasilien gegenwärtig einen Marktanteil von 53.1 %. Der CEO Luciano Lacerda ist außerdem neu gewählter Präsident des Verbandes COMTEC. Dabei handelt es sich um eine Technologiegemeinschaft, die IT-Unternehmen im Bundesstaat Goiás unterstützt und koordiniert. Luciano Lacerda besuchte mit weiteren Unternehmen die diesjährige CeBIT in Hannover und beanwortete uns zu TOTVS und COMTEC einige Fragen. Weitere Informationen finden Sie auf den Websites: TOTVS und COMTEC.

GSC: TOTVS is one of the most successful and global IT-companies. In how many countries and which regions are you represented?

Luciano Lacerda: We are represented in 12 countries: in all Latin-American countries, Portugal, Angola and the USA. We have units in Mexico and Argentina and franchises in Colombia, Peru, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay and Bolivia.


GSC: Especially in such a fast-paced industry like information technology your results are really impressive. What have been the key factors for TOTVS' international growth?

Luciano Lacerda: I believe that our Franchised Model is something special that advances TOTVS' success and enables such international growth.


GSC: As your company name reveals, you would like to serve the whole and you are offering solutions for different segments. What is your target market?

Luciano Lacerda: We are leaders in the small and medium market (SMB) and wi want to continue it, but we also provide solutions for companies of all sizes and types, as well as solutions in ten different segments (agribusiness, construction and project, distribution and logistics, education, financial services, health, legal, manufacturing, retail and services).


GSC: What makes TOTVS innovative?

Luciano Lacerda: Its proprietary technology and wide range of solutions as well as a comprehensive distribution model.The company has over 250 channels, among units and franchises.


GSC: You are the newly elected president of COMTEC. Could you tell us about the goals and the mission of this organization?

Luciano Lacerda: Our mission is to support the creation of an enabling environment for the development of IT companies in our region. Our mains short-term goals are to consolidate a new technology cluster in the city of Goiânia and Aparecida, empower and seek investments in innovation programs and supporting small and medium enterprises in the process of internationalization.


GSC: 25 CEOs from Goiás were at the CeBit this year. What were your expectations?

Luciano Lacerda: Some of these companies are in the process of internationalization. They were seeking partners to distribute its products in the European market. Part of the companies was seeking solutions to complement their products or distribute in Brazil.


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