Are you a book lover with a desire to expand your knowledge through reading? The German language has the right word for this: Leselust. The term, which cannot be translated directly into other languages, demonstrates this desire to read perfectly. For all "Book Lovers", we have compiled a list of interesting books we recommend to stimulate internationalization, innovation and growth in markets. Enjoy!



Title: Die kreativen Zerstörer der deutschen Wirtschaft. Wie Ideen Märkte verändern.
Author: Nikolaus Förster
Publisher: FinanzBuch Verlag
ISBN: 978-3-89879-494-7
Short Description: The book focuses on the latest economic history in Germany. In "The Creative Destroyer of the German Economy" you will find a collection of portraits of important entrepreneurs of our time - supplemented with comments and analyzes.

Title: Business Know-how: USA (East Coast Edition)
Author: Sabine Wagner
Publisher: Redline Verlag
ISBN: 978-3636015280
Short Description: For those with little experience doing business in the United States, this book may be a good start to learning how to interact with American business partners on the East Coast. But you can't learn everything from a book – learn from your experiences and remember, what is applicable on the East Coast may not be transferable to other regions!

Title: Business Know-How Turkey: The Path to a Successful Business Trip
Author: Işınay Kemmler
Publisher: Redline Wirtschaft
ISBN: 978-3636015501
Short Description: In order to have successful business relationships and business trips in Turkey, travelers must be well informed in advance about the country and the people. Only through this can they successfully conclude transactions and establish good contacts as well as win hearts on the spot. Isinay Kemmler supplies the essential facts about the Turkish mindset, company practices and doing business on the Bosporus.

Title: Make it in India
Author: Ranjini Manian & Joanne Grady Huskey
Publisher: Westland Ltd.
ISBN: 978-93-84030-84-1
Short Description: The need of the hour is to develop a more nuanced and deeper understanding of both Indian and American cultures, working styles and professional concerns. Make it In India offers insights to questions such as these, answered by CEOs, both Indian and American, about doing business successfully in India and abroad. By candidly talking about their own experiences, eleven CEOs from major international corporations give you a close-up look at what it takes for a successful international company to prosper and thrive in today s India. From impressive first contacts, human resource and human relations issues to negotiations, gender augmentation and increased efficiency in meetings, this book talks to all your needs which impact the bottom line.

Title: Business Know-How China. So wird Ihre Geschäftsreise zum Erfolg.
Author: Frank Sieren
Publisher: Redline Verlag
ISBN: 978-3-636-01527-3
Short Description: Concentrated knowledge of business in China for managers. Even in this age of online and video conferencing, personal contact is often the only way to conclude business on the spot. China expert Frank Sieren gives his expert opinion on the booming economic power.

Title: Der Tanz mit dem Russischen Bären. Strategien für langfristigen Erfolg in Russland.
Author: Ines Lasch/Angela Leymann
Publisher: Redline Verlag
ISBN: 978-3-636-01446-7
Short Description: The authors offer a competent overview of the historical-cultural background, legal framework and business practices in the Russian economy. East-West entrepreneurs report about their business experience in Russia.

Title: The Korean Way in Business
Author: Boyé Lafayette De Mente

Publisher: Tuttle Publishing
ISBN: 978-080804844574
Short Description: Beginning with the basics about Korean history, culture, social etiquette, and business practices, Boyé Lafayette De Mente takes a closer look at the rise of South Korea on the global stage and how Korean companies have become so successful over such a short time span. Whether you would like to improve your own effectiveness in doing business with the Koreans or in competing with them, this very detailed book is a great place to start.