Terms and Conditions


Terms and Conditions for the Use of Global Success Club

"Global Success Club" refers to the service provided by the Global Success GmbH.

The Global Success Club is a web platform that connects innovative and international companies and related organizations. Users of this web platform are the executives of the companies and organizations. Focusing on internationalization, the Global Success Club would like to establish a network between innovative companies of all industries, countries, and regions around the world. Through collaboration with other organizations (e.g., Chambers, Associations) that are committed to fostering the international growth and innovation potential of these companies, structured information as well as these organizations' services are packaged and made available via the Club's platform.


By registering as a user of the web platform Global Success Club, you agree to the general terms and conditions of business (hereinafter referred to as "GTCB") regarding the use of Global Success Club.

The Global Success GmbH operates the services of Global Success Club under the top level domain globalsuccess-club.net.

These GTCB govern the contractual relationship between the member, the user (executives of member companies), and the Global Success GmbH.

The contract on the use of the web platform is concluded between the member and the Global Success GmbH, Goethestra├če 2, 60313 Frankfurt. All other relevant data, such as commercial register data and name of the authorized representative, can be found in the imprint.

In addition to innovative companies, the services provided by Global Success Club are also aimed at all organizational and institutional players and service-providers that are committed to innovation and foreign trade and can support innovative medium-sized companies with their products and services.

These GTCB may at any time, even after the conclusion of the contract, be viewed, saved, downloaded, or printed via the link "Terms and Conditions" on the website.

1. Subject

The Global Success Club (hereinafter referred to as "GSC") is an exclusive B2B network whose mission is to support innovative companies in their international sustainable growth by connecting them together in a worldwide network. To this end, the Global Success GmbH provides its web platform GSC to the executives of these companies. The platform also includes all other players supporting foreign trade and innovation.

The Global Success Club is split into an interactive Community and another separate Community (Inner Circle) that exists within the larger Community. Profile pages allow for crosslinking of the members. Interactive features, such as forums, blogs, and wiki form the basis for the exchange of experience and knowledge among members. The Inner Circle offers a private and undisturbed interactive surface to both global players and medium-sized companies. The Inner Circle as well as the large Community offer users a feature for advanced search, which filters the content for according to required know-how and experience.

Written permission of Global Success GmbH is required for any use of the services and content offered on the GSC web platform. The only exception to this are those possibilities explicitly named by GSC.

As long as the data and/or information provided by the members do not violate legal regulations and these GTCB, they are provided to other users by GSC. GSC reserves the right to remove any illegal data and information from the GSC web platform without prior notice.

Complete, 100% accessibility of the GSC web platform is technically not feasible, a fact that the member acknowledges. However, the Global Success GmbH endeavors at all times to provide permanent and constant accessibility. Short-term disruptions or the temporary cessation of GSC web platform may be due to maintenance, security, or capacity issues, or due to events that lie beyond the control of the Global Success GmbH. These can include disruptions in public communication networks or power failures.

The Global Success GmbH provides a platform that unites all its members. For this purpose, the Global Success GmbH provides technical applications that generally allow the members to contact each other. If members conclude contracts via the GSC web platform, the Global Success GmbH is at no time involved in the contract nor is it one of the parties. The execution and fulfilment of such contracts is up to the involved members only. In case no contact can be established between the parties apart from the contract concluded on the GSC platform or in case of a breach of duty, the Global Success GmbH assumes no liability.

In contracts between partners and members the Global Success GmbH acts as an agent only.

(Special) offers made by partners, which are available exclusively for members of the GSC, are subject to the respective Terms and Conditions and privacy policies of the partner companies. These partner companies are also the contractual and contact partners for members and responsible for the booking process.