Privacy Policy of Global Success Club


"Global Success Club" refers to the service provided by the Global Success GmbH.

The protection of your personal data is a central concern for Global Success Club.

In this Privacy Policy the Global Success GmbH would like to inform you about the way Global Success Club processes your personal data and how you can share this data with other users.

This Privacy Policy supplements the "Terms and Conditions for the Use of Global Success Club".


1. Basic Principles of Global Success Club for Processing Your Personal Data

Global Success Club strictly adheres to the following principles with regard to the protection of your personal data:

Global Success Club will collect, process, and use your personal data in accordance with the data protection laws of the Federal Republic of Germany and the Privacy Policy of the European Union.

Global Success Club uses your personal data exclusively to enable you to use the internet services requiring registration with Global Success Club. Global Success Club will in no event disclose your personal data to third parties for advertising, marketing, or other purposes without authorization (that is Global Success Club shall not pass this data onto third parties and/or provide any information to third parties.).

The Global Success Club differentiates between two membership areas: the Global Success Club Community and Global Success Club Inner Circle.

Membership in the Community requires a registration of the company, vertification the data provided, and the subsequent admittance into the Community by means of a provisional password via email. In addition to innovative, international companies, all organizations, institutions, and companies that are committed to innovation and foreign trade can become Community members. Individuals cannot become members. The private area of the Inner Circle gives room to registered executives of innovative, international companies an exclusive space in which to communicate in order to ensure private exchange. Users of the Inner Circle can be active both in their separate area as well as in the comprehensive Global Success Club Community.

With the exception of some general information about your professional status (or your so-called Global Success know-how), you are able to decide how much of the personal data you have provided to Global Success Club shall be displayed to other Global Success Club users (cf. section 3 of this Privacy Policy). Members of the Inner Circle can restrict the disclosure of their shared personal information to the private area of the Inner Circle so that Community members who lack permission for the Inner Circle cannot view their personal data unless they are granted explicit permissions to do so.

At no time is it possible for non-members of the Global Success Club to view your personal data.


2. Definitions Used in this Privacy Policy

Global Success Club uses specific terms in this Privacy Policy that you should know:

"Personal data" refers to all data and/or information about your personal or factual circumstances.

The group of users that is active in the Community and registered on the Global Success Club website is generally referred to as "Global Success Club Community". Executives of innovative, internationally operating companies that use both the Community and the Inner Circle are referred to as "Global Success Club Inner Circle users".

The services that are subject to registration and offered on the Global Success Club website are called "Global Success Club services".

Personal data that has to be provided when registering for the Global Success Club (mandatory fields) are referred to as "registration data".

The Global Success Club website that displays your personal data in accordance with your specifications and your consent is called "profile".


3. What does Global Success Club know about you, what do you allow Global Success Club and the Global Success Club members to do, and what happens to your personal data?

3.1 Registration Data

In order to be able to review the suitability of a membership and to ensure the Global Success Club functions as designed, Global Success Club has to collect and review specific personal data (registration data) from you during your company's registration process.

Your username and password are at no time and in no circumstance visible to Global Success Club users. Global Success Club will in no circumstance disclose or pass this information onto third parties.

Specific mandatory fields have to be filled in during the registration process, including the following:

Business email address
Business phone number
First name, last name, salutation
Date of birth
Company name
Country and city of the company
Out of the mandatory personal data indicated above, other Inner Circle Users can view the following information at all times and without any restrictions:

First name, last name
Country and city of the company
As an Inner Circle member you may choose which content and information shall be invisible or visible for other Inner Circle users under Privacy Options . When designing your profile, you may decide which information you would like to indicate in addition to the mandatory information and whether or not it shall be displayed to other Inner Circle members. With respect to data regarding

 Telephone number 1 and 2
 Email address
 Date of birth
 Company name
you may choose in each individual case whether it will be visible for everyone, personal contacts, followers, or none of the other Inner Circle members.

3.2 Voluntary Data

In addition to the registration data you may provide additional information on a voluntary basis (hereinafter referred to as "voluntary data") that allows other Global Success Club users to get to know you better and select you as a network contact. Voluntary data currently include for example: your interests, your personal contact information, your education, your experience and expertise in international business, what you can offer to other Global Success Club users, what you are looking for from other Global Success Club users, etc. If you wish you can also upload a photograph of yourself as well as your company's logo.

Within the Inner Circle, your voluntary data will be visible solely to all Inner Circle members. Only when you establish or permit contact with Community members can they identify you, in which case you can add them to your network if you so desire.

You can delete all voluntary data from your profile at any time, with this deletion taking effect immediately.

3.3 Your Profile, Contact Management

Within the Global Success Club Community your profile is visible to all other users, unless you also belong to the Inner Circle.

In this case, the following personal data, as provided by you, will be visible only to all Inner Circle users:

First name, last name
Company name
Business phone number
Email address
Date of birth
Country, State and City of the company

The visibility of this data except for first name, last name, state, city, and industry can be limited to your contacts or hidden for the entire Inner Circle under "Privacy Options".

Within the Inner Circle, all Inner Circle users can access your profile and view your personal data as indicated in your private settings. Other Inner Circle users can also view your voluntary data if it is available on your profile.

Inner Circle members to which you send a request for personal contact are saved in your profile on a contact list. If an Inner Circle user confirms your request, this Inner Circle user becomes a so-called "personal contact" for you. You can group Inner Circle users into personal contacts, followers, all Inner Circle users, and Global Success Club users. Inner Circle users can block other users from sending them contact requests.

In the section "Privacy Options" Global Success Club has set your privacy settings by default so that your Inner Circle list is initially displayed to all Inner Circle users.

In the Community the following personal statistics are visible in your profile to all Global Success Club users. In the Inner Circle the following information about you is visible to other Inner Circle users at all times:

Your company
Month and year of your membership
Your Wiki posts
Other Inner Circle members can send you private messages to contact you. The default setting for messages in the section "Privacy Options" allows all other Inner Circle members to send you messages. You may change these settings in your privacy settings in the section "Privacy Options" at any time so that no one or only specific contacts are permitted to send you private messages. Community members can write messages to one another as well.

Global Success Club leaves it up to you to determine the level of your privacy at all times!

3.4 Your Comments

Within the Inner Circle, you can comment on the activities of your contacts or mark them as interesting. The comment will be visible to the contact list of the respective contact. You can delete your comment at any time.


4. Forums, Blogs, and Wiki

Global Success Club offers specific functions and services, such as forums, blogs, and wiki, on their website.

Interactive functions: Forums, blogs, and wiki are visible and usable for all Global Success Club users within the Community. Blogs and forums that were initiated by Inner Circle users are displayed to all Global Success Club users. Comments may be visible either for all users or only for Inner Circle users depending on the settings. Wikis are displayed to and can be edited by all Global Success Club users at any time. However, Inner Circle members may change their "screen name" when posting articles in wiki and sharing knowledge and experiences in the Community to stay anonymous.


5. More Interactive Functions

Additional interactive functions may be used within the Global Success Club Community. Members can make use of the message and chat functions, the contents of whichs can at no time be viewed by anyone other than the person to whom the message or chat is addressed. Inner Circle users may send microblogs, share their status, and send urgent requests to other Inner Circle members. Inner Circle users can make these contents visible to all Inner Circle users or personal contacts only by changing the settings for the respective functions.


6. Search Functions

The Global Success Club services allow all Global Success Club users to search for specific profiles. The advanced search function, for instance, helps you to find other Inner Circle and Community members with similar interests or with the experience or expertise you are looking for. The search function also helps you to establish contact with other Community users who offer exactly what you are looking for. Inner Circle users may search for specific know-how and expertise both in the Inner Circle and in the Community. Community members can search for other Community members.


7. Newsletter

Global Success Club sends out newsletters to all Global Success Club members on a regular basis. These newsletters bundle information on all topics relevant to a monthly selected focus country and/or market. Readers will receive this information in the form of expert interviews, editorial texts, and articles by experts (such as lawyers). In addition, the newsletter includes current news on the focus country and market and on the Global Success Club. Furthermore, the Global Success Club announces interesting events related to foreign trade as well as international events.

You may unsubscribe via a link in the newsletter at any time.


8. Google-Analytics

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For more information on Terms of Use and Privacy Policy in this context, see http://www.google.com/analytics/terms/us.html or  http://www.google.com/analytics/learn/privacy.html. Please note that this website has added the Google Analytics code „gat._anonymizeIp();" to ensure an anonymous collection of IP addresses (so-called IP masking).


9. Accessibility of this Privacy Policy

You can access and print out this Privacy Policy via the "Privacy Policy" link on each Website of the Global Success Club.